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New Blog February 5, 2010

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NEWS ALERT. I’ve moved blogs. The new improved blog can now be found at


Rachel and Michael, Seawind Resort Boracay Island December 4, 2009

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What can I say about this wedding without getting all sentimental?  Kel and Mike are perhaps one of my favorite couples in the whole world, and they got married at one of my favorite places in the entire world! Thank  you for being dear friends and allowing me to share this day with you in person, flying me in and all! It was truly an honor.

Here’s the link to the entire slideshow. Enjoy!!!


Tony and Bendy November 17, 2009

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So  the beautiful bride enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons, despite protests from friends that this was in quote “a bad way to meet guys.” And while it was not her primary intention to find a husband in class, Bendy proved them wrong when she met Tony.  The  duo foxtrotted, boogied and cha-cha’d perfectly on and off the dance floor. Fast forward to November 15, 2009. One  beautiful fall evening, Bendy and Tony perform a fiery tango in front of friends and family (who flew in from as far as Hong Kong) to celebrate their union. Congratulations, Bendy and Tony! We know you’ll be dancing way into your twilight years.

Here’s a link to the Highlights Slideshow.


This necklace meant a lot to Bendy, because it belonged to her grandmother.


Meeting Dr. Frank November 5, 2009

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So my other hobby is reading. And lately, I’ve been averaging 4-6 books a month, largely because I’m a reviewer for San Francisco Book Review and Sacramento Book Review. One of the perks of the job, aside from the advanced reader copies and free books, is the chance to meet cool authors like Frank Portman. Music geeks might remember him as the frontman for the Mr. T. Experience, but he also wrote this book called King Dork (which was yummy) and the latest release Andromeda Klein.  The hubby joined me in Berkeley and we had the chance to interview him. And he didn’t seemed annoyed when I started shooting him.Which was cool.


Here’s me being a fangirl.


The universe was giving me signs to order the Andromeda pizza. I ignored them. Wonder what the repercussions would be?


And Andreas taking a picture of Frank taking a picture of me.


Links to the review and podcast coming soon!


Megan + Dylan | Berkeley City Club October 20, 2009

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I rarely have a Saturday off. But I do love to shoot. And so when my friend Linda Trudeau asked me if I was free that weekend to help her out at a wedding, I hesitated just a wee bit at the prospect of giving up my one free Saturday in three months. The clincher? It was a pressure free gig with an absolutely beautiful couple at a historical building in downtown Berkeley. This beautiful Berkeley City Club building was designed and built in 1929 by architect Julia Morgan who was the architect of “Hearst Castle.” So I just had to go.  And am I glad I did. Here are my favorites from the day.













Sofia @ 7 Days October 6, 2009

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Newborn alert! A bundle of cuteness, swaddled in pink! I had just photographed a very ready-to-pop Trish a few weeks earlier and loved that I could revisit their home once more to get a glimpse of their latest baby model – Addie 2.0. Rather, Sofia. This 7 day old baby was perhaps one of most cooperative newborns ever. She didn’t poop when we took off her diaper. She didn’t cry when we lay her down on the floor to have her photo taken. She didn’t even flinch when we stuffed her in a crochet cocoon wrap. What a trooper! Now if only all models would be so cooperative. More photos to come, but here are my early faves.








Seeing Double

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OMG! Such pretty  four year old twin girls were the focus of my attention (and my camera) one fine morning in Palo Alto. Now one may ask how does a photographer handle two active and fast little subjects? The answer is to be fast and active too!  I. and S. definitely kept me on my toes. This portrait session was full of laughter, chasing and clowning around. I love it when portrait sessions feel more like extended playdates. Gives me a chance to feel like a four year old blonde myself. Oh I wish.