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What You Learn in Las Vegas… March 30, 2007

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…stays in Las Vegas? I certainly hope not!

After attending 5 platform speaker lectures and three master classes at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention, we at Photograffiti are refreshed and ready to create even more beautiful images! As a fairly new business in the U.S (on the 2nd year in the Bay Area and 3 years in the Philippines) – there’s always something to learn about improving our craft. The entire convention reignited our passion for great photography and happy times. Connecting with other photographers from around the world made the experience truly memorable.

What made the trip extra special for me was being able to hang out with old friends Karl and Mimi of We had started out professionally in our photography businesses at roughly the same time. I had decided to specialize in baby and family portraiture while they had carved out a nice nitch in the wedding photography business. Now they are pretty successful and I couldn’t be happier for them. Check out their work at their website I totally stole this photo from their blog. Thanks Karl!


By the way, we can’t take credit for the What You Learn in Las Vegas punchline. It was on a t-shirt given away by top Texas photographers JB & Deette Sallee. Among our favorite speakers: relationographer Bruce Hudson, emerging artist Catherine Hall, husband-wife team Jeff and Julia Woods, Kevin Kubota, named as one of American Photo magazine’s Top 10 Wedding photographers in the world, Suzette Nesire, an firecracker Australian child portrait artist and Marcus Bell who spoke on the art of presentation. Everyone was just inspiring.

Above is the view from our hotel room at Bally’s.


Brandie and John @ Red Rock Canyon March 26, 2007

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It’s the first day at the Weddings and Portrait Photographers Convention in Las Vegas and I find myself happily snapping away at newly engaged couple Brandie and John. The shoot was arranged by another photographer-friend Mike and his brother Todd. Just check out the awesome colors and happy expressions!





Burt Monroy at PPGBA March 23, 2007

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As soon as I got back from my PPGBA meeting this evening, I happily googled Bert Monroy, the guy who honored us with his presence. It’s usual for PPGBA to have awesome speakers at our monthly meetings, but Monroy was different. He wasn’t a photographer, but in fact an artist who specialized in using Photoshop to simulate images that looked like photographs. While Monroy mentioned people called his work “Photorealism,” he doesn’t like that label. But how else would you describe the art he produces (like the one above, grabbed from his website It takes a super keen eye to not mistake this art for a photograph. His job is to make “photograph” renditions of things or scenes that don’t exist. This guy is pioneer. Imagine telling the people at Pixar and ILM how to do their job! Do check out his website, and if you have a couple of thousands dollars to spare, buy one of his prints. They are wonderful works of art.



Edmund and Tanya at Baker Beach March 16, 2007

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18 happy years as a couple really shone through the results of this engagement pictorial. I was so happy to be part of their preparations and shoot with Tanya and Edmund that day. The shoot brought us around many parts of Presidio. The weather was great, the camaraderie was spontaneous and fun. It was a truly great day spent with a really lovely couple. We are so looking forward to covering their Napa wedding in September.

Click here to see their slideshow.