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Double Trouble, Double Adorable November 26, 2007

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I’ll always remember twins Mak and Brett so warmly because they were my first clients ever, when I arrived in the Bay Area last year starting my business. So you could say they were my lucky break. I had been shooting professionally in the Philippines for 3 years prior but starting up a business in a new area is always nerve wracking. The photos of these uber-cute twins made my job easy, and paved the way for countless referrals. Fast forward to 2007, and I shot their pictorial once again and their energy and adorable-ness amazes me. Check out some of my favorites from their shoot.







Backyard Fun with Friends November 25, 2007

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It’s always fun to hang out with friends for a no-fun, no-pressure pictorial. Here are some fun photos of siblings Ella and Julz at my backyard. Their parents Ez and Guy looked pretty good, too!




Palm Event Center, Pleasanton CA November 21, 2007

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Dustin and Hillary, Palm Event Center, August 2007

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with lots of talented photographers in the Bay Area. Second shooting always keeps you on your toes: as each photographer is different in terms of shooting style and direction. Each event coverage is a learning experience in itself.

I had the pleasure of working with talented photographer Sylvia Fife for this August wedding. This wedding just spelled fun, fun, fun as the couple were truly psyched and excited to be married and photographed. Here are my favorite photos from the wedding.






Two Fun Families November 11, 2007

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The last two months have been all-a-flurry with work and post-production, this poor little blog has been neglected! In the past month, I have moved houses, painted my new mini-office (Tiffany blue and lime green!), did numerous family pictorials and editing like a madwoman to cope with the pre-Xmas rush. All this while 7 months pregnant. Whew.

Today, I step back and post a few photos from a pictorial with two wonderful families who let me into their home recently. Combined, there were 5 kids to shoot and of course, they blessed with the full-throttle energy only youth can bring. I’m glad I brought along my husband Andreas along to keep up with all the running around! Enjoying the big family dynamic always tempts me to have a lot of children too!


They are big 49ers fans!