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The Bulge at 37 weeks December 31, 2007

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So…I’m ending my year with a blog post, bulging at the seams! I’m not sure how many people know that I actually started my photography career shooting bellies and babies exclusively, when I was living back in the Philippines. At first, it was difficult to convince the conservative Filipina to bare their pregnant belly but eventually, the idea of it caught on and I was able to build a good maternity photography market. One thing I’ve always regretted was not having my own maternity photo done when my first son was born.

Now, that I’m 37 weeks prego with baby #2 and almost ready to pop – my husband turned the cameras on me and shot my maternity photo! My husband was so very patient with me, as I was the WORSE model in the world – overthinking each shot and criticizing his lighting, composition and angles. But I think he did a terrific job and can definitely start doing more shooting for the family business. Anyway, please share your comments to encourage him in his first ever maternity shoot, as we share the best photos from the pictorial. Here I am, now practicing what I preach: that there’s nothing more beautiful than a pregnant belly!

Happy New Year everybody!






And this was on self-timer:



The Shot on VH1 December 30, 2007

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The VH1 reality show “The Shot” had its finale tonight. Okey, I confess. I’m pretty much a reality show junkie but I watched “The Shot” for professional reasons. Shiya…right. In a nutshell, “The Shot’ was a photographer’s version of “Top Chef,” “America’s Next Top Model” or “Project Runway”. And yes, I watch all those shows as well.

What started out to be a pretty lame show developed into something watchable. And while I can and will nitpick its finer points, I’m okey with the results and who won the show. I won’t go into details, in case you still plan on watching the reruns.

Things I learned from it:
1) Fashion Photography is a collaborative effort between photographer, client, make-up artist, art designer, model, stylist. There’s no “I” in TEAM. Duh.
2) KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Sometimes the most effective lighting set-ups are the simplest.
3) Working with a professional Victoria Secret model will improve your shot by 99% Ha!

“The Shot” Official Website.


My Two Aunts December 28, 2007

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I couldn’t pass up the chance to shoot two of my favorite aunties this Christmas season. Named Luz and Paz (spanish for Light and Peace), these two sparkplugs are fraternal twins and are opposite as light and day. But getting them in front of the camera was such a joy as they fed off each other’s energy and just hammed it up! Here are my favorite photos from that pictorial.



All I Want for Xmas December 20, 2007

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Curious about what’s on my Christmas wishlist? Here it is! I realized I’m such a geek and there’s nothing I want that ISN’T photo-related. The Nikon D300 and the Fuji S5 rate high on my lustwish but since I’m probably going to do some new equipment acquistions next year, I didn’t include them here.

I’ll go from crazy-expensive to free.

Ok, so this is the Nikon 28mm f/1.4. Okey, so I REALLY don’t need this lens but I’ve been dying to add more primes to my collection. This is one of Nikon’s most expensive lenses ever at $1700. Plus, I would love to use more available light at wedding receptions. This beauty would do the trick nicely.

Now this is the Nikon 85 mm f/1.4 lens. I used to have the 85mm f/1.8 back in Manila and had sold it. Big regrets now. Retailing at $900 or so, this lens is within reach. Probably won’t be in Santa’s pack but might be a tax deduction for 2008.


Here’s a more reasonable request. After hours and hours of on-line surfing, the one thing I found and really liked for myself is the Jill E. brown suede camera bag as seen below! Isn’t it soo cute? It can carry 2 SLR Bodies, 2 Lens and a Speedlight! It looks so yummy. One teensy-weensy problem: it’s back-ordered!


Oh well!

The one thing you can give me for FREE is some blog love! Just drop a note or comment on anything on your mind. Even the teensiest comment will make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4 days to go!


Here’s Johnny…. December 13, 2007

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You could call 6 month old Johnny a miracle baby. The back story of how he came into this world is a true tale of faith and inspiration. His mom and my friend Kaye has a congenital heart condition called Eisenmenger Syndome and despite the odds, managed to to give birth to him a few weeks early. At birth, he weighed 3 lbs and 9 ounces but the battle was only beginning for mommy Kaye, who underwent two surgeries following childbirth. Their story is really one for the medical books – a real miracle story. You can read all about it here at the Cloutman family website.

Here are some of my favorites of a recent family pictorial.

Daddy John may be a real ‘blues’ man, but holding baby Johnny gives him nothing but sheer joy.



Mommy Kaye and Baby Johnny



The Haute Boudoir Session December 12, 2007

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Introducing – the Boudoir Sessions by Photograffiti. As a woman photographer, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for sexy and glamour pictorials. It’s only natural that women would feel comfortable in front of another woman photographer so I’ve taken advantage of that. The best photos are worked into beautiful sexy albums, for the eyes of very happy boyfriends and husbands.

But today for the first time, I have the trust of a friend who was willing and brave enough to let me post some of her photos on my blog. Thank you so much!

Doesn’t she look great? And she has two kids already! If she wasn’t a dear friend, I’d hate her!

I hope this encourages my 2008 brides to get a boudoir session done. It really is the greatest gift ever for your hubby to be!!! Plus, it’s a great way of preserving our beauty in time. I mean, brides are the most beautiful before getting married right?

You can view the entire album layout here.
Boudoir Slideshow


When Two Become Three December 3, 2007

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Ha! How’s that for a Spice Girls inspired title? I shot the wedding of Dennis and Jasmine last year and was so happy to hear that they were visiting the Bay area from Hawaii for Thanksgiving. Even better news was that they’ve already added on to their family – a 9 month old baby girl – a stunner named Ava. She was such a gorgeous baby with a killer smile, charming personality and grey eyes. Dennis will definitely be beating off boys with a stick one day!