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Here’s Johnny…. December 13, 2007

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You could call 6 month old Johnny a miracle baby. The back story of how he came into this world is a true tale of faith and inspiration. His mom and my friend Kaye has a congenital heart condition called Eisenmenger Syndome and despite the odds, managed to to give birth to him a few weeks early. At birth, he weighed 3 lbs and 9 ounces but the battle was only beginning for mommy Kaye, who underwent two surgeries following childbirth. Their story is really one for the medical books – a real miracle story. You can read all about it here at the Cloutman family website.

Here are some of my favorites of a recent family pictorial.

Daddy John may be a real ‘blues’ man, but holding baby Johnny gives him nothing but sheer joy.



Mommy Kaye and Baby Johnny



2 Responses to “Here’s Johnny….”

  1. To my dear friend Auey;
    Thanks so much for taking these beautiful shots of our little boy.
    My brother remarked (with a laugh) recently that little John may be the “most photographed kid in history” but even if that were true, the shots you’ve taken here are by far the finest and will remain the best ones of this time in his life. You’ve really captured the personality within this precious and precocious little boy and at a time when his Mom and I are marvelling at how quickly he’s growing, these photos are sure to be timeless.
    I also see in these photos the proof of all the skills you’ve developed, as they’re the reward for your patience and determination in mastering your craft. The technical merits of the shots are superb and your artistic sensibilities create a finished product that bears your unique stylistic “signature”. May the new year greet you and your growing family with prosperity and joy!
    All our best – The Cloutmans

  2. Maya Says:

    My dear friend also has eisenmengers. She would love to hear more about Kaye’s story, but the link to their page is broken. Would Kaye be interested in connecting with my friend? She’s 25 and has never met another person with eisenmengers. If Kaye would, or if you have an updated website link, please let me know!

    Maya @, marfmom at gmail dot com

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