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Ed Pierce: Captivated by the Light Seminar February 25, 2008

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I just got back from the Captivated by the Light San Jose seminar today. And while it didn’t blow me away, it was okey.

The “workshop” was given by 33 year photography veteran Ed Pierce. Over a course of three hours, he gave short mini-lectures, interspersed with several short video presentations illustrating the topics discussed. There was a little studio set-up on stage but since the area was too small and the time limit short, the videos provided adequate visual for the basic concepts he tried to go over. The videos were actually pretty concise and had good production and education value. So good, that I decided to subscribe to his Photo Vision DVD magazine, promo price of $39 for workshop goers.

The main meat of the workshop was understanding light: quality, quantity and direction. He went over various possible lighting scenarios for both studio and location set-ups. He also discussed ways and tools to modify light. Of course, a basic book on studio lighting could tell you the same thing. However, if you are an amateur or beginning photographer and have never taken a lighting workshop in your life, this seminar could provide you with the fundamentals.

The pace of the workshop was well-timed. The topics were organized well and it flowed. Ed was an engaging and humorous speaker. And oh, there was a little mini-raffle which was kinda cool. Uncool was not winning anything. Darn.

Oh, and don’t get misled by the seminar website. Many photographers were mistaken in thinking that the seminar would feature other leading industries photographer “hotties” Sandy Puc, Jeff and Julia Woods, Parker Pfister, among others. Well in fact, these other quote-unquote participants are actually featured in a free DVD that comes with the seminar registration. Since the video presentations were so well made, I’m actually looking forward to watching the DVD freebie tonight.
All in all, not too shabby for 4 hours of my time and $19 (with PPA discount). The Captivated by the Light workshop is touring 68 cities nationwide. Check and see if there’s a city near your hometown.


OSP West 2008 Napa February 19, 2008

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I jump at every chance I can get to connect and bond with other photographers. But it isn’t always easy to meet up with people who you might consider your “competition” in the industry. I never felt that kind of vibe from the people of Open Source Photo (OSP), an online photography forum that I belong to. Over the weekend, the West Coast edition of OSP got together in Napa for a fun-filled 3 day weekend of shooting, learning and bonding. Although I could only afford to spend one day at the convention, it was truly worth the trip. Everyone has an open attitude towards helping lift each other up creatively and in the business-sense. I am only so lucky to have met such a talented bunch of photographers.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Sunday’s shoot at OSP West.


Brotherly Love February 17, 2008

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Finally…I’m officially back to work since giving birth. I had been dying to use my new camera and test it out in the real world. For the past weeks, all I’ve been shooting is my now 4-week old baby Milo and my first born Axel. All shots of brotherly love.

So it’s ironic that the subject of my first family pictorial back at work were also brothers – 3 year old Andrei and 9 month old Marco. I had been documenting Marco’s first year and was so surprised to see how big he had grown. I’ve got loads of nice photos, but for now here’s an instant fave for the moment. I’ll post more soon!



3rd Annual Union City Photo Contest – Part Deux February 11, 2008

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So, the Union City photo contest came to a conclusion on Saturday and I finally got to see my photos on exhibit at Paddy’s Coffee shop. While I didn’t win first place – all my photos DID place in the top four of each category. I won 2 packs of Kodak photo paper, a $15 gift card to Michael’s and a small camera bag. Not bad for a no-show.