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Latest Addition to the Family November 14, 2008

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Say hello to our latest addition – the Nikon D700, who I’ve named Connie. (Yes, I do name my equipment.) She joins Nikki the D70, Suzi the S2, Sammi the S3 and DeeDee the D300. I had been wanting one of these babies the day word first got around on Nikon Rumors. But then after months of hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge. And my, I’ll go out and say it’s one of my best decisions ever to go FX. I studied photography using an old film Nikon and a 50 mm lens. Using this baby with a 50mm has been like revisiting my past. So much extra real estate! I love it! Too bad the 2008 wedding season is now officially over for me.  I’ll be pestering my husband and sons to pose for me this entire holiday season.



Liz and Pat @ San Francisco City Hall November 5, 2008

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Election Day Wedding! November 4 2008 may have marked the day we elected the first African-American President, (Yay Obama!) but another important event went down that day.  After hitting the polls in the morning,  two beautiful women Liz and Pat headed to the San Francisco City Hall to tie the knot. When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was so honored to be part of their ceremony since November 4 *may* be the last day they could wed legally in the state of California. While we are still awaiting for the final results on Proposition 8 which could potentially ban and forfeit gay marriages, family and friends who witnessed their wedding are certain that their love and commitment will endure. Pat & Liz,  congratulations for standing up for you believe in and exercising your civil rights!

Here is a sneak peak for now. The highlights slideshow can be viewed here.


Being greeted by No to Prop 8 activists outside City Hall.


Channel 2 News and National Public Radio interviewed the happy couple after the ceremony.


Everyone’s jubilant that Pat and Liz tied the knot after 10 years of being a couple.