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From Our family to Yours! December 25, 2008

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Sidharth @ 4 weeks December 18, 2008

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Ah – babies! Can’t get enough of them! I had the recent pleasure of photographing baby Sidharth for his newborn portraits. I couldn’t believe how alert and intelligent his eyes were as they gazed at me, every second I pressed the shutter. He was a totally cooperative model and I couldn’t have asked for a better session. Here are some of my favorites.







Just launched: The Modern Balikbayan Bride

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A great resource for Filipina brides has come onto the market in the form of the fresh-off-the-presses coffee table book: The Modern Balikbayan Bride by Kaye Cloutman.  I was honored and happy to contribute an image which landed on the cover!

“Balikbayan” literally translates as return-country. This implies that the Filipina bride will return to her homeland to get married there. This book is a great resource on what’s new and hot in the Philippine wedding scene.


To quote the press release from Weddings@Work:

” This 250 page hardbound book gives up-to-date trends on the bridal industry in the Philippines, preparations before, during and after the occasion and other relevant and useful articles, the book  also features on personalities (pegged on weddings, of course) who embody the ideals of a Modern Balikbayan Bride and the more important and most talked about nuptial events in town.

In its approach, this book emulates the holistic style of a modern Filipina bride — that balancing work, family, love, personal growth, beauty, leisure and health could be done. Thus, The Modern Balikbayan Bride is not just the bridal coffee table book that talks about anything and everything about weddings. It offers a balanced and a variety of articles which encompass nuptial preparations, the wedding day itself, the honeymoon.

It has articles on relationships, health and beauty and other relevant features for the would-be bride. As a special, it is comprehensive, timeless and practical. In this book, I will be featuring award winning wedding shots done by our very own photographers who are not only based in the Philippines but abroad as well.”

For orders, go to the online store.


Wong Family December 10, 2008

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The pressure is always on when it comes to photographing a fellow photographer! I put my insecurities aside when tasked with photographing my good friend Kinsley Wong. I totally empathized with his frustration that he was never in any family photos. Well, I hope I did not disappoint. Here he is with his lovely wife Elaine and cuddly one-year-old Ian. The session was a lot of fun and obviously,  Ian had a lot of practice in front of the camera.




Sir Francis Drake Hotel December 9, 2008

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Sir Francis Drake Hotel is such a beautiful San Francisco landmark. I jumped at the chance to shoot a wedding there with Claudia Akers Photography. I was even doubly excited when I found out the wedding would be featured on the Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” Such fun! It was really an honor to be part of Caitlin and Joe’s dream wedding.









California Academy of Sciences December 7, 2008

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I had been dying to go the New California Academy of Sciences for some months now. Finally I found a pocket of free-time to go with the family. My favorite exhibits were the planetarium and the Philippine corral reef. If you have some free time and no where to go, do check it out. You might actually learn something new.=)


During the pengiun feeding. What’s wrong with this picture?


My son Axel loved this place!



Suayan Family Portraits December 5, 2008

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The holiday season always means family portrait time! And thoughts of velvet dresses, red and green plaid and taffeta always comes to mind. It’s a pity I have two boys instead of two girls, otherwise I would have been dressing them up like dolls each year.  It’s a good thing I had the chance to photograph Suayan family and their two beautiful daughters this year.