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Can’t Believe My Baby is One January 19, 2009

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Happy Birthday Milo!

How weird is it that the first year flew by so fast? Between sleep deprivation, work and diaper changes – I feel like I missed his babyhood.  I’m so glad that I’m a trigger-happy-mommy, otherwise I would have no proof of how little Milo once was. Now he’s a bouncy 20 pounder, with a penchant for blueberries, Lynard Skynard and roughhousing with his older brother. Pretty soon, he’ll be off to college. Hehe…Milo Goes to College. (Get it?) Here are some of my favorite shots from his first year.

Although you’re officially a toddler now…Milo, you’ll always be my baby. We love you.


Here’s one of the first shots I took of him. He was about 3 hours old and this was my view of him through the bassinet from my hospital bed.


This shot was taken at about 2 weeks old. His eyes were originally grey, but have darkened over time. They are now a medium shade of brown but sometimes have grey-flecks when the light catches.


At four months, Milo already had an expressive (and sometimes naughty) face.


An array of black and white photos. Notice how his expressions went from tough-guy to innocent to playful.


Taken at 6 months, this photo is still one of my favorites. It comes complete with baby drool. I opted not to PS that one out.


Milo’s Milestones



Malaya and Nina – Pretty in Pink January 10, 2009

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Talk about pressure! I had 15 minutes with these little beautiful girls as they were all set to fly back to New York City. 4 month old Nina was a little shy but very cooperative and older sis Malaya was feisty and a little ball of energy. Malaya’s good nature and Nina’s awe for her old sister made this mini-session a unique experience. I can’t wait to photograph them again next year.







A New Year, A New Leaf January 7, 2009

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2009 marks a special year. I’m turning a new leaf. A page leaf, that is, in my life journal.

Staring 2009, I am officially an associate photographer of Claudia Akers Photography. For those who have followed my blog, I have done tons of weddings by Claudia’s side for the past two years. She’s been a great mentor and wonderful friend. I have been no less than flattered and honored to be hired as an associate photographer for this ultra chic San Jose boutique studio. Check out the website for a sampling of my wedding and engagement work.

You can also meet us in person on January 11 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco for “A Modern Bridal Fair.”