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Carol & Daniel E-Session August 14, 2009

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Okey, I promise I won’t make any corny tennis jokes, but the moment I met Carol and Daniel – they seemed like a perfect love match.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. *wink* The couple decided they wanted to part of the engagement session at the tennis court, because their love of the sport. On or off-court, I think they look great together! I’m soo looking forward to shooting their Sonoma wedding next week.







Daisy + Tuan + Keiko = One fun E-shoot! May 16, 2009

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Are you a dog person or a cat person? I’m personally a dog person, having owned three dogs in my lifetime: a Dalmatian named Dookie and two dachshunds Murphy and Malcolm. So you can only imagine my excitement when my lovely September couple Daisy and Tuan brought along their “baby” Keiko for their engagement session in downtown San Jose over the weekend. Keiko is a beautiful bichon frise and was so friendly. She obviously enjoyed the attention and being included in the pictorial. Tuan and Daisy were looking pretty hot too! Here are some of my favorites.







Nathan & Joy E-session @ Rivermark April 15, 2009

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When I do my engagement sessions, my favorite part is asking about the couple’s proposal. How he did, when he did it, how did the girl respond etc. I want to get ALL the details! That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when Nathan and Joy shared their story. It was a simple proposal, held at this playground slash park close to their home. No frills but plenty of thrills! That’s what made this venue so special to them as we walked around snapping photos at their propsal site – a seemingly ordinary park in the suburbs but a place they will be sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

The swings is where it all happened!







Downtown with Joel and Tina April 19, 2007

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A friend of mine and an excellent Filipino wedding photographer John Mateos Ong was in town from Manila and invited me to assist him for a series of engagement shots in downtown San Francisco. The exuberant couple was Tina and Joel, who would have their wedding at St. James Church in Alabang. Jong was their official photographer.

Even if I was a tag-along, it was a pleasure to be part of their shoot. We navigated Yerba Buena Gardens, Market Street, Union Square and Westfield Mall in search for picturesque backgrounds. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.







Brandie and John @ Red Rock Canyon March 26, 2007

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It’s the first day at the Weddings and Portrait Photographers Convention in Las Vegas and I find myself happily snapping away at newly engaged couple Brandie and John. The shoot was arranged by another photographer-friend Mike and his brother Todd. Just check out the awesome colors and happy expressions!





Edmund and Tanya at Baker Beach March 16, 2007

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18 happy years as a couple really shone through the results of this engagement pictorial. I was so happy to be part of their preparations and shoot with Tanya and Edmund that day. The shoot brought us around many parts of Presidio. The weather was great, the camaraderie was spontaneous and fun. It was a truly great day spent with a really lovely couple. We are so looking forward to covering their Napa wedding in September.

Click here to see their slideshow.



Angela and Mike at Palace of Fine Arts August 5, 2006

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Newlyweds Mike and Angela never had the chance to have their formal photos taken since they had married in a small ceremony in Los Angeles. I jumped at the chance to shoot their post-wedding, psuedo-engagement shots against the backdrop of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It was such an honor to capture these nice people so much in love. They are planning their church wedding for January 2007 in Boracay, Philippines. Wish I could be there!