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Yap Family Pictorial @ Golden Gate Park Music Concourse July 14, 2009

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It was a great San Francisco Sunday, a little chilly and a little cloudy, but I still had a blast photographing one of my favorite families in the world. My own kids tagged along and it was a semi-playdate, semi-pictorial rolled into you.  Afterwards, we headed to California Academy of Science to eat lunch and hang out. Here’s the little slideshow of some of the photos. 





Baby Bing June 30, 2009

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I just like the way the title sounds. And apologies to any fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My dear friend Bing is expecting Baby #2 and of course, I had to take her preggy photos! Like most second-time pregnant women (including me), Bing was more receptive to having her photo taken compared to her first pregnancy. I’m not sure why this is the case but in my own experience, it was because I knew it was done with the baby-making and wanted to immortalize the moment. As of my writing this, Bing is anxiously awaiting the D-Day (delivery day not doomsday), so until then enjoy these photos of the baby inside. Once that sucker pops out, double the fun!




Toombs Maternity-Family Session April 29, 2009

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Sunday morning @ 8:30 am and I was greeted by three smiling faces, not at all perturbed by the early time. I knew I was off to a great start! Not only were they an adorable & gorgeous family, the Toombs exuded a genuine warmth and kindness that definitely reflected in their photos. I was snapping away like crazy, because every moment was just picture-perfect! Three year old Ruby was so excited about her new baby sister, the happiness was infectious! There are tons of great shots from this session, I had a hard time selecting the ones for posting here. Enjoy!









Baby Eli @ 1 month April 24, 2009

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New baby! New baby skin! New baby smell! I love my job…I really do. Baby Eli is the first baby of Caesar and Maureen, whose wedding I covered. He was a total bundle of cuteness. Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent session.







Baby Loves Disco San Jose – Earth Day Fun! April 14, 2009

We all had a blast at the Baby Loves Disco Earth Day celebration, held at Avalon Disco last April 5. Whew – I really pushed myself hard and by the end of the day – I had photographed over 70 children in a span of 3 hours! Can you believe it? It was such an awesome experience to meet all the kids and parents who visited our booth. Thank you so much! The photos are now up on the on-line gallery. You know the password! You can also check out the slideshow here. Til next time — keep it groovy!


Here’s what the booth looked like:



And kudos to my super efficient assistants and staff that day – Angela, Josh, Kinsley and Andreas – you are all fabulous! Thank you!



Bambam @ Gamble Gardens April 10, 2009

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What a great way to kick off Spring! A gorgeous family, Roseanne, Dennis and Bambam joined me at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto for their family pictorial session. Little Bambam was such a trooper! He looked much bigger than his 15 months – and wasn’t shy to show off his big smile. Here are some of my favorite shots. And you can check out the slideshow here.







Check us out at Baby Loves Disco South Bay! March 31, 2009


The month of April, let’s celebrate Earth Day by putting our dancing shoes and getting your grove on! Baby Loves Disco South Bay will be held at the Avalon Nightclub on April 5, Sunday from 2-5pm. It promises to be a super fun event for the 5 and under set – complete with face-painting, arts area, crawling zone, and green giveaways! I will be there on hand to take free portraits that send out a message. Yes, you heard it! Your child can be the ambassador for Earth’s cause with fun photos, to share with family and friends.

So be there, for the love of Mother Earth! We’re looking forward to meeting you! Click on the Baby Loves Disco logo above to buy your tickets on-line. They sell out fast!