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Alice 97.3 Summer Thing @ Golden Gate Park June 24, 2009

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Some photos from a super fun free concert at the park, featuring two of my favorites – Sugar Ray and Matt Nathanson. It was one of those days that proved all you need is some good music, good company and plenty of sunscreen.






Behind the Scenes May 26, 2009

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Or perhaps this post should be entitled “aka My backside.”

As a stereotypical photographer, I am rarely in photos. It’s not that I am shy to be in front of the camera. It’s just there aren’t a lot of opportunities.  So one big question I’ve had (and perhaps a bit narcissistic of me) is “What do  I look like while I am working?”  Well finally, I got my answer. During a recent pictorial of three beautiful tween models, my friend and one of the goregous moms (thanks Kaye!) took photos of me in action. And here they are. Hey, my butt doesn’t look that bad. *wink*

Oh in case you are interested, here are some photos of what I was shooting as well.

So here’s our take on High School Musical poster.



Here’s our take on a Sweet Valley High book cover.



And my son tagged along for the shoot, so I snapped him as well.







Check us out at Baby Loves Disco South Bay! March 31, 2009


The month of April, let’s celebrate Earth Day by putting our dancing shoes and getting your grove on! Baby Loves Disco South Bay will be held at the Avalon Nightclub on April 5, Sunday from 2-5pm. It promises to be a super fun event for the 5 and under set – complete with face-painting, arts area, crawling zone, and green giveaways! I will be there on hand to take free portraits that send out a message. Yes, you heard it! Your child can be the ambassador for Earth’s cause with fun photos, to share with family and friends.

So be there, for the love of Mother Earth! We’re looking forward to meeting you! Click on the Baby Loves Disco logo above to buy your tickets on-line. They sell out fast!



The Shot on VH1 December 30, 2007

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The VH1 reality show “The Shot” had its finale tonight. Okey, I confess. I’m pretty much a reality show junkie but I watched “The Shot” for professional reasons. Shiya…right. In a nutshell, “The Shot’ was a photographer’s version of “Top Chef,” “America’s Next Top Model” or “Project Runway”. And yes, I watch all those shows as well.

What started out to be a pretty lame show developed into something watchable. And while I can and will nitpick its finer points, I’m okey with the results and who won the show. I won’t go into details, in case you still plan on watching the reruns.

Things I learned from it:
1) Fashion Photography is a collaborative effort between photographer, client, make-up artist, art designer, model, stylist. There’s no “I” in TEAM. Duh.
2) KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Sometimes the most effective lighting set-ups are the simplest.
3) Working with a professional Victoria Secret model will improve your shot by 99% Ha!

“The Shot” Official Website.