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Meeting Dr. Frank November 5, 2009

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So my other hobby is reading. And lately, I’ve been averaging 4-6 books a month, largely because I’m a reviewer for San Francisco Book Review and Sacramento Book Review. One of the perks of the job, aside from the advanced reader copies and free books, is the chance to meet cool authors like Frank Portman. Music geeks might remember him as the frontman for the Mr. T. Experience, but he also wrote this book called King Dork (which was yummy) and the latest release Andromeda Klein.  The hubby joined me in Berkeley and we had the chance to interview him. And he didn’t seemed annoyed when I started shooting him.Which was cool.


Here’s me being a fangirl.


The universe was giving me signs to order the Andromeda pizza. I ignored them. Wonder what the repercussions would be?


And Andreas taking a picture of Frank taking a picture of me.


Links to the review and podcast coming soon!


I’m Certified! Yay me. September 21, 2009

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I’ve always been a little insecure about my photography. I like my work and I know my clients like my images too (otherwise they would not hire me) but I’ve always felt this void where I felt I should have a photography degree. Growing up, I was always into the arts and was constantly drawing and painting. My mother tells me photography was the first profession I wanted, at age 4. (Of course, in between childhood and college – there was lawyer, teacher, nurse, doctor, guitarist and newscaster.) But somehow I managed to find my way back to the path to photography. And FINALLY, finally, after 2 years from passing my PPA Certification written exam – I can now call myself a certified professional photographer. I received my letter from PPA that I passed the image review of 20 images! After failing the image review three times prior, I had already convinced myself that it was no big deal if I didn’t get certified. But I knew in my heart it was something I wanted to achieve. I should have been consoled by that fact that only about 3% of those who take the exam pass. But every six months of receiving an encouraging but FAIL notice, I was ready to throw in the towel. I cried each time, but my husband’s resolve was strong. He told me to keep trying. And thanks to help from friends like Marc Benjamin and Claudia Akers, I got solid feedback on my submissions and tried once more. I paid attention to every single detail on the images, checking my lighting patterns, pushing myself to master the craft. And FINALLY — I passed! Whew – and yes, it is important. And it IS a big deal, to me. Say hello to Auey Santos, CPP. I’m so darn proud of myself. If you are considering getting certified, go for it!  I hate to say I needed the validation, but I did and from PPA, no less.

For more information on the Certified Professional Photographer Program, click here.


Alice 97.3 Summer Thing @ Golden Gate Park June 24, 2009

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Some photos from a super fun free concert at the park, featuring two of my favorites – Sugar Ray and Matt Nathanson. It was one of those days that proved all you need is some good music, good company and plenty of sunscreen.






Happy Father’s Day June 22, 2009

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…to the best dad and husband. ILD schatze.



Behind the Scenes May 26, 2009

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Or perhaps this post should be entitled “aka My backside.”

As a stereotypical photographer, I am rarely in photos. It’s not that I am shy to be in front of the camera. It’s just there aren’t a lot of opportunities.  So one big question I’ve had (and perhaps a bit narcissistic of me) is “What do  I look like while I am working?”  Well finally, I got my answer. During a recent pictorial of three beautiful tween models, my friend and one of the goregous moms (thanks Kaye!) took photos of me in action. And here they are. Hey, my butt doesn’t look that bad. *wink*

Oh in case you are interested, here are some photos of what I was shooting as well.

So here’s our take on High School Musical poster.



Here’s our take on a Sweet Valley High book cover.



And my son tagged along for the shoot, so I snapped him as well.







It takes a village… May 4, 2009

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Recently, I invited my moms group to do a picture party. I thought it was a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day early and also my chance for me to give back to a wonderful group of women who have become instrumental in keeping my sanity throughout Milo’s first year. From the time Milo was big enough to socialize (4 months), I would strap him in the carseat (or stroller) and bring him various playdates held in the park, houses and coffee shops organized by this mom’s group. The organizer Rathna became my first mom-friend and to this day, I look back at our first meeting in Panera Bread with fondness.  No holds barred- we’d discuss everything from sleep deprivation, poopy diapers and proactive husbands — looking frazzled and sleep deprived. Now that our babies are sleeping through the night and we have time to comb our hair, I look forward to more playdates and the growth of friendship (mommies and babies!)

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy friends!












If you haven’t thought of what to give Mom for Mother’s day, consider a customized photo session! Just call or email me for details.


WPPI 2009 – Viva Las Vegas February 18, 2009

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Yay for the annual trek to Las Vegas – Wedding Portrait Photographers International! This year, the pilgrimage led me to the MGM Grand. I spent three days of seminars, gear-lusting, networking and partying to my little hearts content. Talk about information and sensory overload! I exercised tremendous restraint at the Trade Show, only sticking to my shopping list.

Now that I’m back in the East Bay, I am ready and energized to put everything I learned into practice.

Here am I at the Finao Party, enjoying the view.



I was roaming the trade fair and when I bumped into top Australian child photographer Suzette Nesire. I took her Masters Class at WPPI 2007 and had learned so much from her. I chatted with her a bit about how her seminar changed my business model and she was just so adorable and fun as her photographs.


Audrey Woulard of Chicago. Her platform class was awesome. People were spilling from the rafters because of its popularity, until the fire marshall came and escorted people out. It was too bad but I was so glad to have a seat. Since her talk was so inspiring, I decided to look for her at the trade fair for another of her mini-talks.


Here’s a snap of my former boss, mentor and friend Marc Benjamin. He had an awesome series of dance photography and shared his secret tips on how he achieved them.


Nikon (go Nikon!) sponsored a free concert featuring Blues Travellers. Here is as close as I could get to John Popper with a 70-200 mm lens. =)