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I Heart Finao October 6, 2009

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I just wanted to share some new photos from the album company I am currently using: Finao. I received my latest order of client albums and was seduced by all the pretty colors of their animal friendly leathers, nappy suedes and brocades – that I just had to take some photos. And just check out their new environmentally friendly packaging of the ONE series (offered as Lifebooks)! Just another reason to order a nice mini-album for your loved one, or a big ol’ one for yourself!









I’m Certified! Yay me. September 21, 2009

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I’ve always been a little insecure about my photography. I like my work and I know my clients like my images too (otherwise they would not hire me) but I’ve always felt this void where I felt I should have a photography degree. Growing up, I was always into the arts and was constantly drawing and painting. My mother tells me photography was the first profession I wanted, at age 4. (Of course, in between childhood and college – there was lawyer, teacher, nurse, doctor, guitarist and newscaster.) But somehow I managed to find my way back to the path to photography. And FINALLY, finally, after 2 years from passing my PPA Certification written exam – I can now call myself a certified professional photographer. I received my letter from PPA that I passed the image review of 20 images! After failing the image review three times prior, I had already convinced myself that it was no big deal if I didn’t get certified. But I knew in my heart it was something I wanted to achieve. I should have been consoled by that fact that only about 3% of those who take the exam pass. But every six months of receiving an encouraging but FAIL notice, I was ready to throw in the towel. I cried each time, but my husband’s resolve was strong. He told me to keep trying. And thanks to help from friends like Marc Benjamin and Claudia Akers, I got solid feedback on my submissions and tried once more. I paid attention to every single detail on the images, checking my lighting patterns, pushing myself to master the craft. And FINALLY — I passed! Whew – and yes, it is important. And it IS a big deal, to me. Say hello to Auey Santos, CPP. I’m so darn proud of myself. If you are considering getting certified, go for it!  I hate to say I needed the validation, but I did and from PPA, no less.

For more information on the Certified Professional Photographer Program, click here.


Just launched: The Modern Balikbayan Bride December 18, 2008

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A great resource for Filipina brides has come onto the market in the form of the fresh-off-the-presses coffee table book: The Modern Balikbayan Bride by Kaye Cloutman.  I was honored and happy to contribute an image which landed on the cover!

“Balikbayan” literally translates as return-country. This implies that the Filipina bride will return to her homeland to get married there. This book is a great resource on what’s new and hot in the Philippine wedding scene.


To quote the press release from Weddings@Work:

” This 250 page hardbound book gives up-to-date trends on the bridal industry in the Philippines, preparations before, during and after the occasion and other relevant and useful articles, the book  also features on personalities (pegged on weddings, of course) who embody the ideals of a Modern Balikbayan Bride and the more important and most talked about nuptial events in town.

In its approach, this book emulates the holistic style of a modern Filipina bride — that balancing work, family, love, personal growth, beauty, leisure and health could be done. Thus, The Modern Balikbayan Bride is not just the bridal coffee table book that talks about anything and everything about weddings. It offers a balanced and a variety of articles which encompass nuptial preparations, the wedding day itself, the honeymoon.

It has articles on relationships, health and beauty and other relevant features for the would-be bride. As a special, it is comprehensive, timeless and practical. In this book, I will be featuring award winning wedding shots done by our very own photographers who are not only based in the Philippines but abroad as well.”

For orders, go to the online store.


California Academy of Sciences December 7, 2008

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I had been dying to go the New California Academy of Sciences for some months now. Finally I found a pocket of free-time to go with the family. My favorite exhibits were the planetarium and the Philippine corral reef. If you have some free time and no where to go, do check it out. You might actually learn something new.=)


During the pengiun feeding. What’s wrong with this picture?


My son Axel loved this place!



Must Watch: Slumdog Millionaire December 1, 2008

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I swear this movie should win an Oscar award. Do watch it if you have time. From start to finish, you won’t blink.



Latest Addition to the Family November 14, 2008

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Say hello to our latest addition – the Nikon D700, who I’ve named Connie. (Yes, I do name my equipment.) She joins Nikki the D70, Suzi the S2, Sammi the S3 and DeeDee the D300. I had been wanting one of these babies the day word first got around on Nikon Rumors. But then after months of hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge. And my, I’ll go out and say it’s one of my best decisions ever to go FX. I studied photography using an old film Nikon and a 50 mm lens. Using this baby with a 50mm has been like revisiting my past. So much extra real estate! I love it! Too bad the 2008 wedding season is now officially over for me.  I’ll be pestering my husband and sons to pose for me this entire holiday season.



3rd Annual Union City Photo Contest – Part Deux February 11, 2008

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So, the Union City photo contest came to a conclusion on Saturday and I finally got to see my photos on exhibit at Paddy’s Coffee shop. While I didn’t win first place – all my photos DID place in the top four of each category. I won 2 packs of Kodak photo paper, a $15 gift card to Michael’s and a small camera bag. Not bad for a no-show.