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Rachel and Michael, Seawind Resort Boracay Island December 4, 2009

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What can I say about this wedding without getting all sentimental?  Kel and Mike are perhaps one of my favorite couples in the whole world, and they got married at one of my favorite places in the entire world! Thank  you for being dear friends and allowing me to share this day with you in person, flying me in and all! It was truly an honor.

Here’s the link to the entire slideshow. Enjoy!!!


Tuan and Daisy tie the knot! September 25, 2009

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Daisy and Tuan tied the knot amidst a collective sigh of relief from friends and relatives, after being together for what seems like ages. They had one of those “it’s about time!” weddings. So what else can you expect but a seamless, perfect day where everything fell into place? The ceremony was touching. I was holding my breath anxiously, with my shutter finger poised just as I waited for Daisy’s tears to come during the vows. Years of shooting weddings had trained me to wait for it.  But they never came! Instead, her face beamed with happiness as her eyes met Tuan’s. As their glance met, I knew this was one of those marriages that would endure.

Here’s the SLIDESHOW.













Tricia and Baby #2 August 29, 2009

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Tricia and her daughter Addy are members of the same momsgroup/playgroup I belong to.  Since most of the kids are approaching their two year old mark, it’s only natural that a lot of the moms are expecting baby #2. And the cycle begins once more! I was so pleased and honored to be asked to photograph Tricia’s pregnant beauty in full bloom. She looks absolutely radiant in these photos! Here are some of my favorites. And you check out the slideshow here.










Baby Hazel @ 12 Days July 21, 2009

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Remember the Toombs family? They welcomed the latest addition to their family – baby girl Hazel, born 8 lbs and 8 ozs. Three year old Ruby loved being a big sister and was totally doting on the new baby. Congratulations to Danielle and Michael and thank you once again for allowing me to capture these precious and fleeting moments. 

Here’s the slideshow and some favorite images. 








Yap Family Pictorial @ Golden Gate Park Music Concourse July 14, 2009

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It was a great San Francisco Sunday, a little chilly and a little cloudy, but I still had a blast photographing one of my favorite families in the world. My own kids tagged along and it was a semi-playdate, semi-pictorial rolled into you.  Afterwards, we headed to California Academy of Science to eat lunch and hang out. Here’s the little slideshow of some of the photos. 





Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy + Nathan June 10, 2009

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Sunshine! Happiness! Smiles abound! These three words (okey, four) best describe the vibe surrounding Nathan & Joy’s May 30 wedding. From the get-go, both bride and groom were incredibly calm and chill. This laidback attitude made for such a beautiful and relaxing fun day.  And as the celebration unfolded, the couple went around with a quiet content serenity which makes me fervently believe – yes, this marriage will last forever. Here are some of my favorites from the day. And check out the slideshow here:

Oh and for the curious – the fire truck just happened to be park where we shooting. Their love is on fire, baby!







Baby Loves Disco San Jose – Earth Day Fun! April 14, 2009

We all had a blast at the Baby Loves Disco Earth Day celebration, held at Avalon Disco last April 5. Whew – I really pushed myself hard and by the end of the day – I had photographed over 70 children in a span of 3 hours! Can you believe it? It was such an awesome experience to meet all the kids and parents who visited our booth. Thank you so much! The photos are now up on the on-line gallery. You know the password! You can also check out the slideshow here. Til next time — keep it groovy!


Here’s what the booth looked like:



And kudos to my super efficient assistants and staff that day – Angela, Josh, Kinsley and Andreas – you are all fabulous! Thank you!