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Rachel and Michael, Seawind Resort Boracay Island December 4, 2009

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What can I say about this wedding without getting all sentimental?  Kel and Mike are perhaps one of my favorite couples in the whole world, and they got married at one of my favorite places in the entire world! Thank  you for being dear friends and allowing me to share this day with you in person, flying me in and all! It was truly an honor.

Here’s the link to the entire slideshow. Enjoy!!!


Tony and Bendy November 17, 2009

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So  the beautiful bride enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons, despite protests from friends that this was in quote “a bad way to meet guys.” And while it was not her primary intention to find a husband in class, Bendy proved them wrong when she met Tony.  The  duo foxtrotted, boogied and cha-cha’d perfectly on and off the dance floor. Fast forward to November 15, 2009. One  beautiful fall evening, Bendy and Tony perform a fiery tango in front of friends and family (who flew in from as far as Hong Kong) to celebrate their union. Congratulations, Bendy and Tony! We know you’ll be dancing way into your twilight years.

Here’s a link to the Highlights Slideshow.


This necklace meant a lot to Bendy, because it belonged to her grandmother.


Tuan and Daisy tie the knot! September 25, 2009

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Daisy and Tuan tied the knot amidst a collective sigh of relief from friends and relatives, after being together for what seems like ages. They had one of those “it’s about time!” weddings. So what else can you expect but a seamless, perfect day where everything fell into place? The ceremony was touching. I was holding my breath anxiously, with my shutter finger poised just as I waited for Daisy’s tears to come during the vows. Years of shooting weddings had trained me to wait for it.  But they never came! Instead, her face beamed with happiness as her eyes met Tuan’s. As their glance met, I knew this was one of those marriages that would endure.

Here’s the SLIDESHOW.













Carol & Daniel, Cline Cellars Sonoma CA September 17, 2009

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August 17 was the date, warm was the weather and perfect was the atomsphere. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to have as my bride and groom. With a less then 40 guests, the event was very intitmate and heartfelt. There was tons of photos I call my favorites, so it was really hard to narrow it down.

And, OMG! It was a photographer’s dream to shoot in Cline Cellars!  From the vinyards, beautiful barrel room, the funky and famous red truck — we didn’t run out of places to shoot. After the ceremony, we went over to Sonoma Airport which had some WWII aircraft on display.  The groom is a plane freak so this was has his special request. And I obliged, big time! Loved every minute of it.




And of course, Carol was one of the most relaxed and loveliest brides I’d ever met, laughing it off when the couple inadvertantly held the “first look” in the hotel room and later, shrugging it off when wine spilled on her gown.










Menlo Park Presbyterian Church & Legion of Honor July 1, 2009

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I covered this wedding with my friend Manus Chau a few weeks back. The day recorded temperature high of 100 that day, and while we were sweating like crazy – we captured some great images. Wilma and Jonathan were an absolutely stunning couple and we are honored to be part of their wedding day.








Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy + Nathan June 10, 2009

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Sunshine! Happiness! Smiles abound! These three words (okey, four) best describe the vibe surrounding Nathan & Joy’s May 30 wedding. From the get-go, both bride and groom were incredibly calm and chill. This laidback attitude made for such a beautiful and relaxing fun day.  And as the celebration unfolded, the couple went around with a quiet content serenity which makes me fervently believe – yes, this marriage will last forever. Here are some of my favorites from the day. And check out the slideshow here:

Oh and for the curious – the fire truck just happened to be park where we shooting. Their love is on fire, baby!







A New Year, A New Leaf January 7, 2009

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2009 marks a special year. I’m turning a new leaf. A page leaf, that is, in my life journal.

Staring 2009, I am officially an associate photographer of Claudia Akers Photography. For those who have followed my blog, I have done tons of weddings by Claudia’s side for the past two years. She’s been a great mentor and wonderful friend. I have been no less than flattered and honored to be hired as an associate photographer for this ultra chic San Jose boutique studio. Check out the website for a sampling of my wedding and engagement work.

You can also meet us in person on January 11 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco for “A Modern Bridal Fair.”