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I Heart Finao October 6, 2009

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I just wanted to share some new photos from the album company I am currently using: Finao. I received my latest order of client albums and was seduced by all the pretty colors of their animal friendly leathers, nappy suedes and brocades – that I just had to take some photos. And just check out their new environmentally friendly packaging of the ONE series (offered as Lifebooks)! Just another reason to order a nice mini-album for your loved one, or a big ol’ one for yourself!









Tuan and Daisy tie the knot! September 25, 2009

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Daisy and Tuan tied the knot amidst a collective sigh of relief from friends and relatives, after being together for what seems like ages. They had one of those “it’s about time!” weddings. So what else can you expect but a seamless, perfect day where everything fell into place? The ceremony was touching. I was holding my breath anxiously, with my shutter finger poised just as I waited for Daisy’s tears to come during the vows. Years of shooting weddings had trained me to wait for it.  But they never came! Instead, her face beamed with happiness as her eyes met Tuan’s. As their glance met, I knew this was one of those marriages that would endure.

Here’s the SLIDESHOW.













I’m Certified! Yay me. September 21, 2009

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I’ve always been a little insecure about my photography. I like my work and I know my clients like my images too (otherwise they would not hire me) but I’ve always felt this void where I felt I should have a photography degree. Growing up, I was always into the arts and was constantly drawing and painting. My mother tells me photography was the first profession I wanted, at age 4. (Of course, in between childhood and college – there was lawyer, teacher, nurse, doctor, guitarist and newscaster.) But somehow I managed to find my way back to the path to photography. And FINALLY, finally, after 2 years from passing my PPA Certification written exam – I can now call myself a certified professional photographer. I received my letter from PPA that I passed the image review of 20 images! After failing the image review three times prior, I had already convinced myself that it was no big deal if I didn’t get certified. But I knew in my heart it was something I wanted to achieve. I should have been consoled by that fact that only about 3% of those who take the exam pass. But every six months of receiving an encouraging but FAIL notice, I was ready to throw in the towel. I cried each time, but my husband’s resolve was strong. He told me to keep trying. And thanks to help from friends like Marc Benjamin and Claudia Akers, I got solid feedback on my submissions and tried once more. I paid attention to every single detail on the images, checking my lighting patterns, pushing myself to master the craft. And FINALLY — I passed! Whew – and yes, it is important. And it IS a big deal, to me. Say hello to Auey Santos, CPP. I’m so darn proud of myself. If you are considering getting certified, go for it!  I hate to say I needed the validation, but I did and from PPA, no less.

For more information on the Certified Professional Photographer Program, click here.


Carol & Daniel, Cline Cellars Sonoma CA September 17, 2009

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August 17 was the date, warm was the weather and perfect was the atomsphere. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to have as my bride and groom. With a less then 40 guests, the event was very intitmate and heartfelt. There was tons of photos I call my favorites, so it was really hard to narrow it down.

And, OMG! It was a photographer’s dream to shoot in Cline Cellars!  From the vinyards, beautiful barrel room, the funky and famous red truck — we didn’t run out of places to shoot. After the ceremony, we went over to Sonoma Airport which had some WWII aircraft on display.  The groom is a plane freak so this was has his special request. And I obliged, big time! Loved every minute of it.




And of course, Carol was one of the most relaxed and loveliest brides I’d ever met, laughing it off when the couple inadvertantly held the “first look” in the hotel room and later, shrugging it off when wine spilled on her gown.










Tricia and Baby #2 August 29, 2009

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Tricia and her daughter Addy are members of the same momsgroup/playgroup I belong to.  Since most of the kids are approaching their two year old mark, it’s only natural that a lot of the moms are expecting baby #2. And the cycle begins once more! I was so pleased and honored to be asked to photograph Tricia’s pregnant beauty in full bloom. She looks absolutely radiant in these photos! Here are some of my favorites. And you check out the slideshow here.










Carol & Daniel E-Session August 14, 2009

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Okey, I promise I won’t make any corny tennis jokes, but the moment I met Carol and Daniel – they seemed like a perfect love match.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. *wink* The couple decided they wanted to part of the engagement session at the tennis court, because their love of the sport. On or off-court, I think they look great together! I’m soo looking forward to shooting their Sonoma wedding next week.







Baby Hazel @ 12 Days July 21, 2009

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Remember the Toombs family? They welcomed the latest addition to their family – baby girl Hazel, born 8 lbs and 8 ozs. Three year old Ruby loved being a big sister and was totally doting on the new baby. Congratulations to Danielle and Michael and thank you once again for allowing me to capture these precious and fleeting moments. 

Here’s the slideshow and some favorite images.