Thru the Lens of Auey Santos

.what as I see as my camera captures it.

Sofia @ 7 Days October 6, 2009

Filed under: Babies,Portraits — aueysantos @ 5:07 am

Newborn alert! A bundle of cuteness, swaddled in pink! I had just photographed a very ready-to-pop Trish a few weeks earlier and loved that I could revisit their home once more to get a glimpse of their latest baby model – Addie 2.0. Rather, Sofia. This 7 day old baby was perhaps one of most cooperative newborns ever. She didn’t poop when we took off her diaper. She didn’t cry when we lay her down on the floor to have her photo taken. She didn’t even flinch when we stuffed her in a crochet cocoon wrap. What a trooper! Now if only all models would be so cooperative. More photos to come, but here are my early faves.








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